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Here in our Special Advertisment and Marketing web page, we are creating an avenue where our customers and other web users can get affiliate accounts from other websites who pay users for being an affiliate and also creating a platform where users and our customers can earn income online from genuine websites that pays individual for using their sites.

Affiliate Websites

Qservers - Web Hosting

Qservers - Web Hosting is a web hosting website that pays you off, the sum of ₦500 on every referrals of web developers that signs up to host their web code when you sign up and become an affiliate.


AppCreator24 is an Apk (Android) app website that pays web developers for becoming their affiliates.

Income Earning Websites

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GramFree is a cryptocurrency and the high speed of transactions is a main feature of Gram. It is also a blockchain where you earn income through signing of contracts, playing free lucky number rolls, watching videos and referrals.

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